The Charleston Permaculture Guild

About Charleston Permaculture Guild

The Charleston Permaculture Guild is a group of individuals, businesses, and organizations learning, teaching, and implementing permaculture in and around Charleston, South Carolina. The purpose of the group is to connect like-minded individuals with shared values and interests and create a collaborative environment for helping steward our community on a healthy, sustainable, and regenerative path.

Similar to a guild of plants in ecology, each member of the Charleston Permaculture Guild brings something to the table. None of us are experts, but we can all teach each other the little bits and pieces we know to help build up the collective knowledge and experience.

The Guild is organized by a group of core organizers. The membership of the organizers’ committee is open to everyone and Guild members are encouraged to take leadership. Please email us if you’re interested in helping organize activities.

Guild Programs and Activities

The Guild organizers have identified the following four categories of engagement opportunities for helping share permaculture knowledge and expertise through the Guild and beyond.

Social Meetings – The Guild meets once per month for socializing, networking, and updating the group on individuals’ or groups’ projects.

Workshops, Film Screenings, Webinars – Covering topics such as forest gardening, animal husbandry, beekeeping, soil building, rain catchment and water management, etc.

Field Trips – Visiting sites implementing permaculture in the Charleston area and Southeast region.

Work Parties – Offering collaborative opportunities for experiential education and getting permaculture on the ground in Charleston.

Online Engagement – Keeping conversations going all the time online via, Facebook, and Meetup.